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Fri Nov 22 04:43:29 EST 1996

In article <961121195000.2033 at bnlocn.das.bnl.gov>,
>I'm trying to track down a version of GDE (genetic data environment) that can
>run on a silicon graphics workstation running Irix. Any suggestions would be

	I have one (GDE 2.2) that "works". The only problem I have is
with menu colours. There is a little bug, so you need to browse the
menu with the right button in order to be able to read it.
	I think I had a solution for that, but the personn who
find it is not here at the moment. If anyone has the answer...

						Hope this helps,
P.S.: I can put the binary and sources in our ftp anonymous server
upon request, send me an email.
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