Anyone Seen Evolution?

Susan Glueck sg32 at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 25 09:32:50 EST 1996

> > Many insecticide resistance mutations involve a minor (minor in the sense
> > of requiring only a small point mutation) alteration in amino acid sequence
> > of a particular receptor protein which renders the particular pesticide
> > ineffective. 

> Please be aware that mutation is not evolution.  Mutation provides the
> ultimate raw material upon which natural selection can act.

Precisely, which is why I followed up my statement in my _next paragraph_:

> Such mutant haplotypes exist naturally, albeit in
> very low frequency, in natural populations and are not "recognized" as
> beneficial until the proper kind of selective force comes along . . . in
> this case, humans and their insecticide arsenals.

Susan Glueck

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