Is Carl Woese losing a Kingdom?

L.A. Moran lamoran at gpu.utcc.utoronto.ca
Sun Oct 6 14:51:12 EST 1996

>L.A. Moran wrote:
>> Yes, and it might also be news to some that not all genes required for
>> DNA replication, transcription, and translation group the archaebacteria
>> with eukaryotes. There are no simple solutions to this problem. It's
>> best to reserve judgement until we have more and better data.

Dave Edgall wrote,

>I was wondering if you could elaborate on which genes involved in DNA 
>replication DO NOT group the archaebacteria with the eukaryotes.


     Forterre et al. (1994) Evolution of DNA Topoisomerases and DNA
     Polymerases: a Perspective from Archae. 
     System. Appl. Microbiol. 16, 746-758.

Larry Moran

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