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European Meeting of Ph.D. students meeting at porthos.bio.ub.es
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Barcelona, 26-28 February 1997

Based on the success of previous Ph.D. students' meetings on current topics
in Evolutionary Biology (Zurich, March 1995 and Amsterdam, March 1996), a
follow-up meeting is planned for next year in Barcelona. The meeting is
organized by and open to Ph.D. students only. We intend to create a
critical but open-minded atmosphere in which to discuss evolving ideas,
future experiments, preliminary results and to share experiences.
Especially those who have little or no experience at presenting their work
in front of an international audience will be encouraged to participate.
The audience will consist of students only, which we hope will help the
participants to discuss ideas.

The program consists of short talks (15 minutes each) and poster sessions.
The focus of the meeting is Evolutionary Biology. Presentations, both oral
and visual, will cover a broad spectrum of subjects within Evolutionary

In addition to the talks we will provide exposition assesment.
Professionals of communication will videotape the talks and comment them
with the people interested in this.

Finally, we intend to distribute the abstracts and conclusions of the
meeting all over the laboratories in Europe, in order to encourage
participation in future years.

Who is invited to participate in the meeting?

Anyone who is working on his or her Ph.D. on Evolution in a European
university can apply. The meeting will be held February 26, 27 and 28,
1997, in Barcelona, at the Faculty of Biology of the University of
Barcelona. The language will be English.

The meeting will be low budget and have no registration fee (the meeting is
sponsored by the University of Barcelona). Graduate students in Barcelona
will try to provide private housing as much as possible. In addition,
relatively cheap accomodation will be available in Barcelona (youth
hostel). Social activities will be planned for after the meeting.

If you are interested, please fill in the following application and send it
back to 'meeting at porthos.bio.ub.es', with the subject 'Meeting'.

Deadline is 30 November.

Yours sincerely,

Organiser committee of the IIIrd European Meeting of PhD Students in Evol. Biol.


Ph.D. Meeting application form



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   IIIrd European Meeting of Graduate Students in Evolutionary Biology
   Barcelona, February 1997
   e-mail: meeting at porthos.bio.ub.es
   Surface mail to:
   David Lorenzo
   Dep. Genetica, Fac. Biologia                  |                 _
   Av. Diagonal 645                             |o|     __|__     |o|
   E-08071 BARCELONA (SPAIN)                    |o|----|ooooo|----|o|
   Phone: 34-3-4021632                          |_|____|_MMM_|____|_|
   Fax: 34-3-4110969
   e-mail: davidl at porthos.bio.ub.es

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