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Erich Schwarz schwarz at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu
Fri Oct 11 00:03:33 EST 1996

Diane R. Stothard wrote:

> Considering this group gets flooded constantly with annoying posts about 
> evolution vs. creationism and this group has NOTHING to do with that 
> debate, is there the possibility that we could change the name of this 
> group, i.e., exclude the word "evolution?" Obviously, non-scientists 
> see this word and instantly go off on long diatribes of meaningless 
> brain mush!!!! PLEASE...can we do something to exclude these people from 
> posting?

    Change the newsgroup to a scary name, e.g., "bionet.molbio.devil-worship", 
or something else that will literally make creationists blanch with terror?

    Change it to a boring name, e.g., "bionet.molbio.phylogenetic-analysis"?

    Combine the two, e.g., "bionet.molbio.phylogenetic-satanism"?

    I dunno.  What do the luminaries on the group think?

--Erich Schwarz

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