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In article <schwarz-1110960103330001 at chalfie-mac.bio.columbia.edu>,
	schwarz at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu (Erich Schwarz) writes:
	This is a part of a mail discutions I had with Joe Felsenstein,
about the name.
	I asked:

> 	Well, for us, I propose that the newsgroup will be renamed
> bionet.molbio.phylogenetic or phylogeny, or whatever we find to be
> a correct definition of the topic.

	And Joe answered (I hope I can cite this mail...):

>I don't think that the name change will solve the problem, as they could 
>still bother us in the same way.  It would help a bit as the lack of the
>word "evolution" would not cause them to be as interested.

	So the debate is open...At least some of molecular biology 
evolution topics are out of the phylogenetic analysis. But we could find
another name anyway. Any other Ideas?

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