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John R. Campbell campbejr at phu989.mms.sbphrd.com
Fri Oct 11 07:15:41 EST 1996

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996 08:28:25 -0500, "Diane R. Stothard" <dianes at infect.dmed.iupui.edu> wrote:
>Considering this group gets flooded constantly with annoying posts about 
>evolution vs. creationism and this group has NOTHING to do with that 
>debate, is there the possibility that we could change the name of this 
>group, i.e., exclude the word "evolution?" Obviously, non-scientists 
>see this word and instantly go off on long diatribes of meaningless 
>brain mush!!!! PLEASE...can we do something to exclude these people from 

I don't think this is a problem;  The traffic rate on this newsgroup is so
low that it's easy to navigate.  (Try navigating sci.space.policy some time
if you want to see a more active group.)

I understand that you're complaining about a poor signal to noise ratio,
but this group is one of the least abused groups I peruse.  The nicest
thing is the feature that noise is often labelled.

Half of the problem w/ trolls like creationism threads is that people
respond;  I don't even bother reading any of the posts, so I'm not
even _tempted_ to follow them up.  If people didn't feel defensive
(or else going "me too") we'd see one post and it'd be good-bye.

Personally, as a "Generic Christian" I can accept evolution as the
_mechanism_ used to form us.  "Special Creation" is too damn simple
for the infinite subtlety of God, and I'm sure he's been around for
more that 6000 years (15 billion sounds more like an eternity than
6000 years).

Some minds are smaller than others, and cannot (emotionally) accept the
concept of a truly infinite God.

Oh, Yes, for those who _are_ interested, check out Jeremiah 51:15.  I
wonder what kind of pressure God placed on the Magratheans to get the
Earth built...

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