CalPEG Meeting 1996, 2nd Announcement

Bruce Rannala bruce at mws1.biol.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 16 11:24:51 EST 1996

The annual meeting of the California Population and Evolutionary Genetics 
Group (CalPEG) will be held in Berkeley November 15-17, 1996.  This is an 
informal meeting at which there are no concurrent sessions. Anyone who wishes 
to give a 15-20 minute talk can do so.  All areas of evolutionary genetics, 
including molecular evolution and human population genetics, are welcome.  
There will be one invited speaker, Brian Charlesworth, who will give a longer 
talk entitled "The effects of background selection on molecular variation and 


Friday (Nov. 15th), 7:00-9:00 PM.  Reception, Shattuck Hotel (2086 Allston 
Way, Berkeley),

Saturday (Nov. 16th), 9:00-12:00, 1:30-3:30.  Contributed talks, .

Saturday (Nov. 16th), 4:00-5:00.  Brian Charlesworth,

Saturday (Nov. 16th), 6:00-8:00.  Banquet at Kanit Thai restaurant, $15 per 
person, if at least 50 people sign up by Nov. 1.

Sunday (Nov. 17th).  9:00-12:00.  Contributed talks..


On line registration at our web page, 
http://mw511.biol.berkeley.edu/calpeg/calpeg.html or complete the 
registration form at the end of this message and mail it, along with a check 
payable to "CalPEG 96" to

John P. Huelsenbeck
Department of Integrative Biology
University of California
Berkeley, CA  94720-3140

We will post the names of all registrants on the web site.  There is no 
deadline for registration, although the deadline for submission of titles of 
talks and for signing up for the banquet is Nov. 1.


If you wish to give a talk, send the title, author(s), and affiliation(s), 
along with your registration form and check, to the address given above.  
This information may also be submitted by email to 
www at mw511.biol.berkeley.edu. For your talk to be on the schedule, we must 
receive the title and your registration fee by Nov. 1.  To the extent 
possible, talks will be 20 minutes in length, including time for questions.  
We will reduce the length to 15 minutes if enough people want to speak.  You 
can use 35 mm slides or overhead transparencies, but no videos or computer 
demonstrations.  We will list the titles of all talks on our web site.  All 
the talks will be given in Room 2060 Valley Life Science Building (VLSB) on 
the UC Berkeley campus.


We have arranged with the Kanit Thai restaurant, one block from campus, to 
hold a banquet at 6 on Saturday evening for $15 per person.  The price 
includes food, soft drinks, tax, tip, but not alcoholic beverages.  We would 
have the whole restaurant.  We have to have at least 50 people sign up by 
Nov. 1.  If you like to attend the banquet, please tell us and send a 
SEPARATE check for $15 payable to CalPEG 96 by Nov. 1.  Your check will be 
returned if there are not enough people signed up by the deadline.  We will 
post on the web site the number of people who sign up for the banquet.


We have arranged with the Shattuck Hotel, three blocks from campus (2086 
Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704; Telephone: (510) 845-7300 Fax: (510) 
644-2088), to have rooms at a discount ($59 for s single, $69 for a double, 
$79 for a triple) with secure overnight parking slightly extra.  You have to 
contact the Shattuck Hotel yourself to make a reservation.  Mention CalPEG to 
get the discount.

For graduate students, we will try to arrange housing with graduate students 
here who live near campus.  Contact Rasmus Neilsen 
(rasmus at mws4.biol.berkeley.edu) before Nov. 1 to ask him to arrange for 
graduate student housing.


On Saturday, Nov. 16h, you can park on campus all day and into the evening 
for $3.00.  On Sunday, parking on campus is free until 1:00 PM, and $3.00 
after that.



----------Registration Form Begins-----------

CalPEG 96
Annual Meeting of the California Population and Evolutionary Genetics Group



Mailing Address:

Email Address:

I will give a talk:______(Yes/No).

Talk Title:



Registration: $15.00 (Required for attendance)
Banquet: $15.00 (Optional, send a separate check)

Talks will be 15 to 20 minutes in length, depending on the number of 
speakers. Please complete this form if you plan to attend the meeting and 
mail it, along with your check(s) made payable to CalPEG 96, to:

John P. Huelsenbeck
Department of Integrative Biology
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

Your registration will be acknowledged by email when we receive your check. 
Talk titles may be submitted by email to www at mw511.biol.berkeley.edu and will  
be posted on the CalPEG web page. Additional information about CalPEG '96 is 
available at the web page http://mw511.biol.berkeley.edu/calpeg/calpeg.html.

-------------Registration Form Ends----------------

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