Is mitochondrial Eve out there?

Kaj Stenberg kstenber at cc.Helsinki.FI
Thu Oct 17 07:58:19 EST 1996

M Clendenning <M.Clendenning at shef.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm a third year university student currently doing a library 
> project entitled "Y-chromosome Adam and Mitochondrial Eve". So if 
> anyone has any useful references or information I would be very 
> interested to hear from you.

I suppose you have access to computerized tools?
If so, try Science Citation index, search for people who have cited R
(Rebecka) Cann, Nature 1987. That should almost cover the topic. After
finding a good article about Y-chromosomes you might have to search on
that too. (Of course there is a paper SCI as well. But that is looots of

Just a suggestion,


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