HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH (6000 years, 8 October 1996)

James McInerney McInerney at HBOI.edu
Thu Oct 17 15:17:01 EST 1996

I am absolutely appalled by what has transpired on this newsgroup over
the past two weeks or so.  This is a molecular evolution newsgroup and
most of us want to discuss that issue.

No I haven't lost my sense of humour, but it is rapidly wearing thin
when I see this rubbish constantly appearing in my inbox.  One of the
other things that is quite annoying is the people that are propagating
this discussion...I've never heard of any of you.  You are not the usual
contributors to this newsgroup.  You are not the people that have made
this newsgroup so good over the past 4 or 5 years.  Where are you when
there are important questions to be discussed.

I suggest that if you wish to continue this nonsense, then do it on
another newsgroup.

Dr. James O. McInerney,
Senior Scientific Officer,
The Natural History Museum,
London SW7 5BD,

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