HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH (6000 years, 8 October 1996)

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> Subject:       Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH (6000 years, 8 October 1996)
> : >Why exactly is the Bible any less reliable than any other form of historical
> : swallowed by a great fish but then I felt kind of clausterphobic so I
> : got out and swam home so I could make this post.  
> : >I forgive you for this curse that you have levelled at me. After all, Christ
> : >forgave people that tortured and killed him.
> : I wonder if as a jew you have ever read the parts of the bible blaming
> : the crucifiction on the Jews?  
> rather anti-Semitic in nature. The bible merely gives an account of the last

Right!  That's IT!!!  Pegasus Mail filter options ON, strike ANY 
reference to :

- Bible

- Christ

- Semitic


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