Post Doc Positions: Functional Molecular Evolution

Douglas L. Crawford crawd at cctr.umkc.edu
Tue Oct 22 13:45:21 EST 1996

Post-Doctoral Positions
Functional Molecular Evolution
        My laboratory's focus is on the evolution of gene expression  
Two positions are being offered.  One would involve the molecular and 
evolutionary analyses of a proximal promoter (quantitative molecular 
analyses of promoter function integrated with evolutionary analyses).  
The second position would focus on the natural variation in the 
glycolytic pathway (phylogenetic analysis of metabolic flux and its 
covariance with enzyme expression, experimental manipulation of enzyme 
Please contact:
Douglas L. Crawford
Dept. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
5007 Rockhill Rd
School of Biological Science
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

Phone: (816)-235-2565
FAX:   (816)-235-5158
EMAIL crawd at cctr.umkc.edu

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