Research Positions in Molecular Population Genetics

Thomas Mitchell-Olds tmo at selway.umt.edu
Wed Oct 30 15:38:48 EST 1996

The Department of Molecular Genetics and Evolution will be hiring ten research positions 
in the next few years. 

We have begun a new Max-Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology, to be located in Jena, Germany.  Four 
directors (Baldwin, Bolland, Gershenzon, and Mitchell-Olds) will collaborate on chemical, molecular, 
ecological, and evolutionary approaches to plant-insect interactions.  The central focus of the institute 
will be the functional and molecular basis of evolutionary forces shaping chemical interactions among 

The Department of Molecular Genetics and Evolution seeks ten postdocs and scientists.  Scientists are 
equivalent to Assistant Professors, with five year, non-renewable contracts.  All researchers have access 
to state-of-the-art equipment and generous budgets for supplies and travel.  Expertise in organic 
chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular ecology is available in adjacent laboratories within the institute.  
Temporary laboratory facilities are located at the University of Montana and several collaborating labs in 
the USA and Europe.  New laboratory facilities will open in Jena, Germany in 1997.  Ultimately, the 
institute will consist of about 100 scientists and 30 support staff.  English is the daily language within 
the Institute. 

Research in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Evolution is focused on two overlapping areas: 1) 
functional studies of molecular genetics of insect resistance, and 2) evolutionary genetics of insect 
resistance.  We seek motivated researchers with empirical and conceptual expertise in areas such as QTL 
mapping, molecular evolution, DNA sequence molecular population genetics, or Arabidopsis molecular 
genetics.  Several positions are available immediately.  Other positions will begin in Jena in 1997.  

Please send CV and a description of research interests, and arrange to have three letters of 
recommendation sent to:

Thomas Mitchell-Olds
Dept of Biological Sciences
University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812

tmo at selway.umt.edu

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