programs for sliding window analysis of sequence divergence

Karl Schmid kschmid at zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Sep 3 02:27:38 EST 1996

In article <6691.199608301353 at lenzie.cent.gla.ac.uk>,
gvwa12 at UDCF.GLA.AC.UK (Geoff Hide) wrote:

> Does anyone know whether any programs exist that will carry
> out a sliding window approach to analysing sequence divergence using
> either the Nei-Gojobori or Perler methods?
> I would be grateful if anyone could let me know where or if I can
> get hold of such a program.
> Many thanks
> Geoff

Check Endo, Ikeo & Gojobori, Mol. Bio. Evol. 13:685 (1996) and contact the


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