Several questions on evolution, and mutation (rate)

Howard Blakesley hblake at lsumc.edu
Wed Sep 4 07:08:02 EST 1996

Doug Yanega wrote:

> Why on earth would we have two terms in the first place if they both meant
> the exact same thing? I'm just trying to keep the air clear, while you
> seem fond of obfuscation.

I'm sure of the intent of the above comment but I can think of more than
a few words that are "synonyms" ie two words with the same meaning.

>    I have never denied anyone their right to question whether evolution
> leads to speciation. I'm certain that it can, as I am fully aware there is
> evidence that it can - but I also realize it does not *have* to. I just
> think it's wrong for people to coninually confuse the two things.
> Doug Yanega     (dyanega at mail.inhs.uiuc.edu)

I applaude your efforts at education. However, I am having a little
difficulty in coming up with an example where evolution *doesn't* lead
to speciation, at least *eventually*. I would guess that at the very
least, the word *species* might cause some discussion depending on
whether you are a lumper or a splitter.

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