MolEvoln in HS: Seek Equipment

Tom DeVrie tomdevrie at aol.com
Wed Sep 4 08:54:12 EST 1996

I am in the midst of a two-summer program working in the lab of Scott
Edwards at UW.  When I return to my high school classroom, I will be
setting up a combined evolution/molecular biology/paleontology course for
11th and 12th grade students.  Combination touches on the political
(evolution), technological (biotech), and short-shrifted traditional
(paleo - also my own specialty - PhD, Ohio State, 1986, South American
Cenozoic marine mollusks).

I am looking for donated or for-sale used equipment to set up a molecular
evolution lab at the high school.  Gel electrophoresis is already part of
the 9th and 10th-grade curriculum.  We would like to acquire an automated
PCR machine and variable-speed centrifuge designed for Eppendorf tubes
that spins up to 14K rpm.

Anyone who would like to part with a sequencer is welcome to respond, as
well.  Seriously, we expect to arrange with one lab or another for final

Anyone who would like to inquire further about curriculum plans, or who
would like to offer abovementioned equipment, please contact Tom DeVries
at tomdevrie at aol.com or call Vashon Island High School (WA) at
206-463-9171 ext. 314.

I would be grateful if this message was passed onto other relevant
newsgroups or listservs.

Thank you.


Tom DeVries

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