Deliberate conscious evolution

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On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Gary DosSantos wrote:

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> Chris Barry wrote:
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> > Funmental wrote:
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> > > Can an organism's mental states (such as ourselves) communicate to our
> > > reproductive cells (egg,sperm) and somehow change the DNA to reflect a
> > > "higher state" that might be transmitted to the next generation?
> > 
> > NO!
> > 
> > Chris
> MAYBE! According to Darwin (or, to be more precise, neodarwinist 

Come on - get real.  This is the most far fetched theory I've ever 

> theory), this type of transmission can not occur. However, the fossil 
> record shows species arising quicker than can be explained by descent 
> with modification. Darwin knew this, and predicted that these gaps would 
> disappear as more and more fossils were uncovered. In fact, there is not 
> a single example of intermediate species to be found anywhere among the 
> fossils uncovered to date. Does this mean that neodarwinism is wrong? 

Precisely - so the evolutionary/speciation model doesn't work - or at 
least is not solidly supported by the evidence (or much at all, IMHO).  

> No, it just means that it does not explain everything. As far as I know, 
> nobody has ever looked for this type of transmission (it's called 
> Lamarckian evolution, and is generally frowned upon in evolutionary 
> circles).

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