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Speaking of GA's ...

William J. Etges wetges at COMP.UARK.EDU
Mon Sep 9 08:48:49 EST 1996

>> Brett Phillips wrote:
>> > I am not sure that I fit into this group of people, but I often listen in
>> > on the arguements.  I am not ashamed to say that I believe in Creation,
>> > why should I be?  Is it wrong to have faith in something unprovable?  If I
>And Howard replied:
>> Ok, I don't see that evolution and creation are mutually exclusive. I
>> believe that someone has already pointed this out. They are only
>> mutually exclusive when a "belief" dogmatically excludes the other.
>> Why couldn't there have been a creation of "protolife" that then evolved
>> to where we are now?
>TIME FOR MODERATION...!  This forum is not alt.science.evolution or
>talk.creation; it is a molecular evolution dicussion forum.  I get
>enough creationist nonsense trying to teach students, thank you very
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Thanks Ed,
       My sentiments exactly.  Could this discussion please move to the
appropriate forum? Some of us do not need to read the zillionth rehash of
this show of yahooism.


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