Several questions on evolution, and mutation (rate)

Ram Samudrala ram at mbisgi.umd.edu
Mon Sep 9 04:03:09 EST 1996

Don Cates (cates at cc.umanitoba.ca) wrote:

>There is some change in function of a gene. You call this evolution. It
>is beneficial and spreads through the population by natural selection.
>You call this natural selection. What if the individual who aquired this
>new function failed to have offspring. According to you, evolution took
>place but natural selection failed. I would think that the spread of the
>innovation must take place before one can say that evolution took place.

I disagree.  There is nothing /evolving/ when the spread (of a gene or
a set of genes through reproduction) is happening.  Whereas, when the
new function is being formed, there is something /evolving/.

BTW, I think of proteins with lethal functions also as having
"evolved" from non-lethal proteins.  My definitions are based on terms
where the underlying semnatics makes sense and is not confusing---not
based on how many people would agree.  As I have said, as long as the
distinction is made, it doesn't matter what you call it---but I'm more
than happy to argue about it. <-:


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