Creationists' age for the earth

Leonard F. Kuehner lkuehner at hookup.net
Mon Sep 9 10:02:37 EST 1996

Greetings all,

First, let me say, that I am a staunch evolutionist (before fireing any flames 
my way), but I have just received the shock of my life.  My wife (Ph.D. 
biologist) has just begun teaching at a Christian private school (developing 
their science program).  After only the first week she finds that she has come 
up agains some very troubling conceptual problems.  For example, the principal 
(a rev.) teaches all religion classes (as one would expect).  He however, has 
been teaching that evolution is naught but a *theory* (true enough) held but 
by a select few, and the creation is really what should be accepted.  If that 
were not bad enough, it seems that he fully believes (and I still, after 
several days have trouble believing this) that the earth is *only 6000 years 
old*, and that scientists have been making this mistake in aging for some 
time.  I just cannot believe this.  Anyway, my wife is finding that she is 
going to have to tread lightly when approaching issues of evolution, and even 
geologic age, since the kids seem to discount these findings based on what 
they have learned from the minister.

In any event, what I would like to pose here, is where has the magical number 
of 6K been derived from.  My wife is thinking of cautiously challenging some 
of this doctrine, and would like to have some useful ammutition.  I have 
checked several sources (appart from being a biologist, I have a long standing 
interest in the history of science and technology through the ages), but was 
at a loss to identify the source.  Could anyone provide me with a source 
(historical, or sitation), where the age of the earth was calculated to 6K 
years .

Your help in this matter is much appreciated as I am completely flabergasted 
by this.  BTW, this *teacher* does seem to accept Galileo and doesn't appear 
to believe in crystaline spheres, a geocentric universe, or a flat earth, so  
I suppose there is hope after all.




"Everything has been said before by someone" - Alfred North Whitehead, et al.

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