Several ANSWERS on evolution, and mutation.

Hikaru Tanaka organism at osk.threewebnetor.jp
Fri Sep 6 15:05:34 EST 1996

For all who interested in the articles *Several questions on evolution, and
mutation* of this NG, I'd propose to examine and discuss the problem in
another aspect.

I advocate the theory of INHERITING SYSTEM TO REPRODUCTIVE CELLS. The whole
part concerning the problem is as following. Please you'd take some minutes
to read it. (It includes few links to GIF format graphic files. Use WWW
browser to view them.)

Quotation from 		< Life as Circulation of Energy >

Chapter One < Inheriting System of Multicellular Animal >

      Once denied, ideas of bygone days revive, in a sense. "Inheritance of
acquired characteristics" by Jean Baptiste Pierre Lamarck and Pangenesis by
Charles Darwin. Their advocacy means some linkage between acquired
character at any part of a body and the change of base arrangement of DNA
of a reproductive cell. But, Darwin's idea of gemmule (a hereditary
information factor) already denied by himself over one hundred years ago.
They seem to have almost no anatomical relation, by superficial
observation. "How shall the acquired character and reproductive cell be

      I found the "missing link" !!! 

Solution to the above question is quite simple and that no one has never
dreamed of.

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