D. willistoni or D. melanogaster rDNA clones

poole poole at lifesci.ucsb.edu
Thu Sep 12 15:23:40 EST 1996

A colleague received a request for Drosophila rDNA clones that was
eventually passed on to me. I don't have such clones, so I'm posting
the request to this newsgroup. The original requestor did not provide
an email address, so it is possible that they cannot read this
newsgroup. Therefore, if you can help, please fax to Dr. Valente rather
than respond to the newsgroup. Please do not email or fax me, as I am
only posting this for someone else!

Dr. V. L. S. Valente of the Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in
Porto Alegre, Brazil is looking for 5S, 18S, and 28S rDNA clones from
D. willistoni (preferred) or D. melanogaster. Doing PCR to generate the
clones themselves is not an option for them. If you can provide such
clones, either from D. willistoni (preferred) or D. melanogaster, or
can provide any information on the map positions of the genes in D.
willistoni, please fax Dr. Valente at:

Dr. Vera Lucia S. Valente
Departamento de Genetica
Instituto do Biociencias
Universidado Federal do Rio Grande do Sul-UFRGS
Caixa postal 15053
Porto Alegre
Fax: (051) 3362011

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