Georgiana May gmay at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Mon Sep 16 16:19:57 EST 1996

The position will be funded with by a NSF grant on the molecular evolution of 
mating compatibility genes in Coprinus cinereus (basidiomycete fungus).  The 
researcher in this position will use our existing sequence data base to infer 
evolutionary history of alleles at the b1 gene and test functional consequences 
of that history.  The functional analysis will use well-established 
transformation methods to ask whether or not highly variable alleles do in fact 
function equally well.  The necessary clones are available for these analyses.  
Further, it will be possible to recreate steps in the evolutionary history of 
these alleles in vitro  and then test function in vivo.  Expertise in molecular 
genetics or or in molecular evolution with the willingness to combine these 
fields is desired.  I am looking for an applicant to fill this position by 
January 1997.  The appointment is for one year with a possibility of continued 
funding based on performance.  Salary is $22- 23,000 with full benefits.  As 
part of training, the postdoctoral researcher will also be expected to submit 
proposals to relevant funding agencies.

Interested persons should contact:

Georgiana May
Department of Plant Biology
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN  55108
gmay at maroon.tc.umn.edu
(612) 625-1998

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