Max Like for Amino Acid seqs

R M Bernstein ralph at ccit.arizona.edu
Sat Sep 21 18:11:03 EST 1996

In Article <Pine.A32.3.91.960919094515.27528A-100000 at gsaix2.cc.GaSoU.EDU>,
qfang at GSAIX2.CC.GASOU.EDU ("Q. Quentin Fang") wrote:
>How about Puzzle 2.5, a maximum likelihood program for both nucleotides and 
>a.a.?  Has anyboy tried the program?
>  Q. Quentin Fang, Ph.D.

Hello  Quentin.

I use the program and really like it, easy to use, works nicely w/ CLUSTALW,
etc.  The only caveate is that it runs a little slow, takes about 8 hours
for 70 100 AA length species, using a unix box.  I dont think most people
use that many species.  If you have, say, one of the really beefy RISC-based
Power Macs (eg 200 mhz 603e or 604e) this probably only takes about an hour.
Ah, to have alot of money.


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