Is Carl Woese losing a Kingdom?

jos van den broek josbroek at EURONET.NL
Sun Sep 22 05:39:30 EST 1996

The complete genome of Methanococcus jannaschii reported in Science of 23 August
is another great achievement of Craig Venter c.s. According to Carl Woese it 
gives an extra proof of the fact that Archaea are closer related to Eukaryotes 
than to Bacteria. But not according to e.g. Margulis and Gupta, who now even 
stronger believe that Eukaryotes originated by a merger of archaebacteria and 
eubacteria. To my humble opinion they are right and Woese - although he's a 
great scientist - is wrong, and about to lose a paradigm... and a Kingdom. Who 
is interested in a non-published article I wrote on this subject? Where can I 
get it published? Please e-mail me (at my home address), and send your comment!

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