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In article <51kobl$hi6 at News.Dal.Ca>, chardie at is.dal.ca says...
>        The subject says it all...I'm wondering if anyone who has any
>criticisms regarding Darwin's evolutionary theory could e-mail them to me
>at chardie at is2.dal.ca
>        Please don't send any theological criticisms...the more empirical
>the better.

Here's some refs that I'm using in my thesis, (which is basically on 
applications of Non-Darwinian evolutionary theory to biological models: 
Rational Taxonomy and the like).   If you want any more I've got thousands, 
and if you find any cool stuff and get the chance send me the refs.


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For some of the best stuff around check out stuff in the journal Rivista di 
Biologia Biology Forum, or papers and books by Brian Goodwin (eg the book: How 
the leopard changed it's spots), Gerry Webster (The Origin of Species: A 
Structuralist approach, 1982 (a paper in the J. Social Biol. Struct. 5: 
15-47), For more vitriolic attacks see Soren Lovtrup's stuff (eg Book: 
Darwinism: the refutation of a myth), Dave Lambert/Tony Hughes papers are 
really good as well.

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