Is Carl Woese losing a Kingdom?

Jonathan Badger badger at phylo.life.uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 24 07:55:03 EST 1996

"James O. McInerney PhD" <j.mcinerney at nhm.ac.uk> writes:
>Jonathan Badger wrote:
>====some stuff deleted=====

>> clearly at the very least
>> protists with mitrochrondia and those without arose from a different
>> evolutionary event.

>Ooooooh, careful.  Not to get pedantic, but there are protists that have
>almost certainly secondarily lost their mitochondria (or mitochondrion
>endosymbiont, perhaps, to be more correct).  So, possesion of a
>mitochondrion is not a true synapomorphy (in fact some yeast species
>don't have mitochondria either).

So you are saying that protists with a non-mitochondrial plastid, had
mitochondria, lost them, did perfectly fine without any plastids for
a while, and *then* picked up non-mitochondrial plastids at a later

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