Loss of mitochondria (was: Is Carl Woese losing a Kingdom?

Graham Clark G.CLARK at lshtm.ac.uk
Wed Sep 25 11:51:03 EST 1996

>While some botanists like to limit the term "plastid" to only refer to
>chloroplasts and similar plastids, in general the term means any
>organelle with a chromosome that presumably is derived from an
>endosymbiotic event, and this definition would include mitochondria
>and similar organelles as well.

I am not a botanist and I have never heard the term plastid used in
reference to mitochondria. The definition of plastid I know is:
A member of a family of organelles  unique to plants having their own 
small genome and enclosed by a double membrane (chloroplasts, chromoplasts,
leucoplasts, tonoplasts, etc.) 
Taken from Alberts et al Mol Biol of the Cell


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