Loss of mitochondria (was: Is Carl Woese losing a Kingdom?)

Jonathan Badger badger at phylo.life.uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 25 07:51:19 EST 1996

G.CLARK at lshtm.ac.uk (Graham Clark) writes:

>James O. McInerney wrote:

>>Jonathan Badger wrote:

>>> So you are saying that protists with a non-mitochondrial plastid, had
>>> mitochondria, lost them, did perfectly fine without any plastids for
>>> a while, and *then* picked up non-mitochondrial plastids at a later
>>> point?

>What do plastids have to do with it? They derive from a completely 
>unrelated endosymbiotic event to that which gave rise to mitochondria.

While some botanists like to limit the term "plastid" to only refer to
chloroplasts and similar plastids, in general the term means any
organelle with a chromosome that presumably is derived from an
endosymbiotic event, and this definition would include mitochondria
and similar organelles as well.

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