Is Carl Woese losing a Kingdom (v Niel, NOT v Niel)

Dave Edgell dedgell at CS.DAL.CA
Wed Sep 25 07:28:31 EST 1996

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, jos van den broek wrote:

> Please use the proper name for the great microbiologist Van Niel. He deserves 
> it! 'Van Neil' is an improper and Northamericocentristical spelling! Van Niel's 
> name has not been derived from the Anglo-American first name 'Neil', but most 
> probably from one of the two Belgian towns Niel.

Please take the time to read the newsgroups.  I did not post this 
article.  A colleague in the lab accidentally posted in my name.  If you 
want to blame him for spelling of Van Niel, then go ahead, but please do 
get on my case.

Dave Edgell

dedgell at cs.dal.ca

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