Need references

Brighenti/Marie cbyronb at ix.netcom.com
Thu Sep 26 17:03:06 EST 1996

I am a logician in Southern California, working on a thesis, from which
I plan to publish excerpts in either Science or Earth.

I've compiled a general database of species, and require references
from which to extract three more data points.  The data points I need
are: number of chromosomes by species; gestation time by species; and
age of sexual maturity by species.  The gestation time is a little
easier to come by, while the other two are a little more tough.

Please e-mail me at either this address, or preferably at
Desoc at aol.com.  The AOL address is my office address.  Please provide
the name of the reference, as well as the publisher.  If any volume is
still in print, I'd probably go ahead and order it.  If not, reference
it at a local university.

If you have the reference, or have access to it through a university,
etc., I'd greatly appreciate your faxing it to me.  I'm willing to pay
$2.00 per page, plus the cost of the phone connection.  I'm willing to
either send a certified check for the cost of the pages prior, and then
a second for the cost of the call; or a certified check for both,

I would be very grateful for any help you could provide me.  In return
for your help, I'd be also happy to include your name in a list of
"benefactors" to be included in the Science/Earth article.  My study
has provided very stunning results, and both a magazine and book
publication is relatively certain.  As you have probably realized, this
data is very important to me.  I'd be also happy to provide any
professional support to you in the future.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

C.B. Brighenti

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