Loss of mitochondria (was: Is Carl Woese losing a Kingdom?

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>I am not a botanist and I have never heard the term plastid used in
>reference to mitochondria. The definition of plastid I know is:

I used to be a botanist and I have seen the term plastid to refer to
mitochondria in several older cytology text books. That usage was
definitely frowned upon  in my old department, BTW. (Heck, they
wouldn't even formally consider photosynthetic plastids as
"chloroplasts" unless they contained cholorphylls a and b.)

>A member of a family of organelles  unique to plants having their own 
>small genome and enclosed by a double membrane (chloroplasts, chromoplasts,
>leucoplasts, tonoplasts, etc.) 
>Taken from Alberts et al Mol Biol of the Cell
Well I guess that your text book must be better than mine :)-).
You will also find an excellent expousal of the introns-early point of
view presented as near fact in that august work.


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