Creation or Evolution? You Decide :)

Michael Daunt liz.daunt at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 29 10:18:53 EST 1996

billyjack6 at aol.com wrote in article
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> Creation vs. Evolution
> What is the Better Explanation?
>    Hi.  My name is Bill Morgan.  I am a Registered Mechanical Engineer
> and I love science and learning about science.  I have been studying
> the Creation vs. Evolution for several years and have made this text
> file to present a clear, easy to understand case for Creation.  This
> case for Creation will be built using science.  

(snip overly long, misleading, non-factual, and philosophically
inconsistent argument)

A more appropriate group for this discussion is talk.origins

Michael Daunt
liz.daunt at sympatico.ca

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