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Last announcement:

We received many applications (for the workshop/course advertised below)
from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, and the UK.  Because we would like
to have as balanced a representation of European countries as possible, we
recommend people from East-European and South-European countries to apply,
and we changed the deadline for application to ****April 30, 1997****.  Of
course, residents of West-European countries can still apply given that
balanced representation of European countries is not the only criterion
used for the selection of applicants.

Dear all,

Right after the congress organized by the European Society for Evolutionary
Biology (ESEB) in Arnhem (The Netherlands, 24-28 August 1997), The
International Society for Biochemical Systematics (ISBS) will organize a
one-week European workshop on molecular phylogeny and systematics
(Antwerpen, Belgium, August 28 - September 5, 1997).
The courses will be taught by American and European phylogeneticists (John
C. Avise, Lutz Bachmann, Michel C. Milinkovitch, Fred Opperdoes, Rory Post,
Arndt von Haeseler, Yves Van de Peer, Marc Van Ranst,... among others).
John C. Avise will also give an evening conference.
Applicants should submit a brief CV, a brief statement on their interest to
attend the workshop, and a list of publications (if available).
The workshop is limited to 30 participants, and the application deadline is
April 15, 1997.
Participants with no experience in molecular phylogenetics are advised to
start on August 28, while people with some may start on September 1st.
Please, refer to the web site of the ISBS for details on the program

The ISBS is an international society for the general advancement and
promotion of research and communication in the study of molecular aspects
of evolutionary systematics. The Society takes the broadest possible
coverage to include micromolecules [e.g., secondary metabolites] as well as
macromolecules [e.g., DNA and Proteins].  All living organisms are included
and systematics is taken to mean phylogeny reconstruction and population
genetics but also identification and descriptive taxonomy.

Additional information on the ISBS and/or the workshop can also be obtained
from Yves Van de Peer (yvdp at uia.ua.ac.be) or myself
(mcmilink at resulb.ulb.ac.be).

Michel C. Milinkovitch,
Assistant Professor,
Laboratory of Evolutionary genetics,
Dpt of Biology, Free University of Brussels (ULB),
cp 244,
Bd du Triomphe,
B-1050 Brussels,  Belgium.

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Fax: +32-2-650-5421;
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