mac vector file format.

R M Bernstein bernsteinr at cber.cber.fda.gov
Sat Apr 5 22:28:48 EST 1997

Hi all, programmers espec,

I'm currently writing a small Mac based utility to work along w/ ClustalW,
i.e., a TOPIR executable that could be used to assemble several files [so
far i'm going to use gcg and macvector] and place them into 1 TOPIR format
file.  Currently, to do this, a Mac based ClustalW user must one of several
command line format programs.  The program I envision would be "desktop"
look and feel based.  

I have the gcg format, but the Mac Vector format/parser has eluded me.  Does
anyone know the format/parsing, etc that the Mac Vector program now follows?

Thanks for your time,


Bernstein, R.M.
Bld.29A  R.M.2b09
29 Lincoln St. Bethesda MD
bernsteinr at cber.cber.fda.gov

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