Felipe N. Soto f-soto at uiuc.edu
Mon Apr 7 16:03:43 EST 1997

I am studying the evolution of transposable elements in insect and as part
of the study I would like to look at the possible presence of selection
between different elements of the same family.  I have used the M-K test
for neutrality, which requires the itemization of fixed, polymorphic,
synonymous and replacement subtitutions.  The contingency table is easy to
deal with, but determining the status of each subtitution can take forever,
specially if there are many subtitutions (about 300 for each one of 10 or
so pairs).  Does any one know of a little program for Mac's that would do
the trick?  Alternatively, would it be valid to "estimate" the cell
placement of a substitution by considering all 1 and 2 positions to be
replacements, and all 3 positions synonymous?

Thanks for the putative advice

Felipe N. Soto
Department of Entomology
University of Illinois
f-soto at uiuc.edu

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