Calveria Tree disproves Evolution

Ed Rybicki ed at MOLBIOL.UCT.AC.ZA
Tue Apr 8 02:23:51 EST 1997

> From:          foster at skink.cs.uidaho.edu (James Foster)
> Subject:       Re: Calveria Tree disproves Evolution

> >   Puck, - I find it disturbing that I am considered a "fundies". In my
> >   small, narrow minded brain I suppose that means = fundamental? 
> >   It does not make me stupid. It does no make me less educated. I respect
> >   your passion and knowledge so why are my views and theories considered
> >   non-science. It is actually all theory - since neither of us were there
> >   when it happened. I am not miserable. I don't want to convert you. Who
> >   are you to be so pious? - Who are you to lump me in a single word -
> >   "fundies"? - I am so much more, do you care to dig deeper? I thirst for
> >   the truth....do you?  
> Yes, your views and theories (by which you mean untested hunches) are
> non-science.  That's the hallmark of the willfully ignorant fundie.
> You don't realize that all "theories" are NOT the same.  In
> particular, you are unwilling to admit the overwhelming evidence for
> the "theory" (which does NOT mean hunch) of evolution.  You are even
> unwilling to admit that your "evidence" for creation is false,
> spurious, or irrelevant.  You are interested in confirming your
> preconceived notion of what happened and when...not in the "truth".
> You are in a conversation with people who make their living pursing
> truth, and you are ignoring what they have to tell you.

Hear, hear...BUT maybe this should have been directed more generally; 
this one may be less of a rabid-dog fundamentalist than many B-)

> PS to the world...I apologize for posting this, but I have learned
> that if you ignore the fundies they get louder, they do *not* go
> away.  The post to which I am responding should never have appeared on
> a moderated newsgroup.

This is NOT a moderated newsgroup - but as I have pointed out a 
number of times (sorry), it SHOULD be.  If only to get rid of 
creationist garbage.

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