Evolution or Creation? You Decide :)

Mazda Hewitt Mazda.Hewitt at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Apr 9 04:53:03 EST 1997

Mike Koller wrote:

>  SEX and mutations are the two sources of this
> variation."
> All quotes from "Biology (4th ed.) by Campbell (Benjamin/Cummins Publ.)

Another reason for sex is to aliminate muatations which are deleterious,
part of the sexulal mechanism (at the molecular level) removes mutations
from the other set of chromosomes.  Further without sex it would not be
possible to combine seperate advantagious mutations happening
indiendantly. The second muaution would have to happen to an offspring
of the first, this is fine if you are a very fast reproducing organism
like a bacterium, but not so good if your generations last 20 years!.

Mazda Hewitt

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