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1st announcement

                                FERN DEVELOPMENT

                                A SPECIAL MEETING

                                    JULY 28-31, 1997

                          PURDUE UNIVERSITY,WEST LAFAYETTE, IN


Ferns have historically played an important role in understanding plant 
development and evolution.  The purpose of this meeting is to explore the 
diversity of questions in plant development and evolution that have been and 
can be addressed most effectively using ferns as model systems.  This will be 
accomplished by a series of presentations by fern biologists (listed on the 
following page).  Several workshops will also be held on the genetic, 
biochemical and molecular tools that must be developed and implemented in 
order to understand these questions at the cellular, molecular and mechanistic 


National Science Foundation
Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
Purdue University


Akeo Kadota (Tokyo Metropolitan University; kadota at comp.metro-u.ac.jp) and 
Jody Banks (Purdue University; banks at btny.purdue.edu)

Masamitsu Wada (Tokyo Metropolitan University) "Adiantum as a model system for 
studying  plant development"

Les Hickok (University of Tennessee); "Ceratopteris as a model system for 
studying plant        development".

Michizo Sugai (Toyama University) "Photocontrol of fern spore germination"

Takeshi Kanegae (Tokyo Metropolitan University) "Photoreceptor genes of the 
fern Adiantum".

Takatoshi Kagawa (RIKEN Institute); photobiology of Adiantum..

Akeo Kadota (Tokyo Metropolitan University) "Red light aphototropic (rap) 
mutants of Adiantum"

Takashi Murata (University of Tokyo) "Organization of cortical microtubules in 
Ceratopteris     prothalli".

Gar Rothwell (Ohio University) "Land plant phylogeny, homology, and the 
evolution of ferns" 

Kathleen Pryer (Field Museum) "Heterospory in ferns".

Yasuyuki Watano (Kanazawa University) "Screening of cpDNA variation by 
PCR-SSCP and its         application to the biosystematics of pteridophytes"

Shigeo Masuyama (Tokyo Women's Christian University) "The use of allozyme 
markers to study  cryptic species"

Mitsuyasu Hasebe (University of Tokyo) "Molecular evolutionary morphology 
based on MADS  box and homeobox gene expression in Ceratopteris"

Stan Roux (University of Texas) "Influence of gravity and light on 
developmental  polarity of  single gametophytic cells of Ceratopteris 

Todd Cooke (University of Maryland) "Genetic basis of pattern formation in the 
Ceratopteris     gametophyte".

Jeff Hill (Idaho State University) "Developmental and genetic studies of the 
sporophyte in      Ceratopteris.".

Tom Warne (University of Tennessee) "High salinity tolerance and pleiotropy in 
the stl2 mutation        of Ceratopteris-- Analysis of a  physiologically 
complex phenotype"

Jody Banks (Purdue University) "The genetic basis of sex determination in 

Chi-Kuang Wen (Purdue University) "Molecular biology of sex determination in 

Cristina Juarez (Purdue University) "Meristem development of the Ceratopteris 

Keith C. Cheng (Penn State College of Medicine) "Genetic Dissection of genomic 
instability and cell differentiation in zebrafish (Danio rerio)



Attendees must complete the attached registration form plus registration fee 
($120.00) and mail by June 1, 1997 to :

Ms. Nancy Burget
Fern Meeting
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Agricultural Research Building
Purdue University 
West Layafette, IN  47906
(burget at btny.purdue.edu)

How to get there:

        Purdue Univesity is about 60 miles north of Indianapolis.  There is a 
limousine service that runs between the Indianapolis International Airport and 
the Purdue campus every two hours ($18.00 one-way and $31.00 round-trip).  
Purdue Unversity also has its own airport, so arrangements to fly directly to 
Lafayette Airport can also be made.  If you wish to take the limo or need 
transportation from the Purdue University airport, please let us know by 
contacting Ms. Nancy Burget (email: burget at btny.purdue.edu).  Please include 
arrival and departure flight information.  

Where to stay:

Hotel rooms are available at the Purdue Union Memorial Club.  The rates (per 
number of occupants) are as follows:
Deluxe double   $78.00 (1)      $88.00 (2)      $93.00 (3)      $100.00 (4)
Double and twin   62.00 (1)       68.00 (2)       75.00 (3)             -
There is no charge for child or children in the same room with parents.  

Air conditioned dormitory rooms are also available at a rate of $30.80 per 
night for a single room, or $22.00 per person if you wish to share a room.

Please indicate your preference for housing on the registration form.

Food: There are many inexpensive eating establishments on and near the Purdue 

Registration fee: Will include the cost of one evening meal.



Name:           ______________________________________

Address:       ______________________________________
Phone:          ______________________________________
Fax:             ______________________________________
email:           ______________________________________

Are you interested in presenting a poster?

If you wish to stay in a dorm, please check here ______.  If you wish to stay 
at the Purdue Memorial Union, please indicate your preference:
        Two double beds-deluxe _____; no. of persons_____
        Double bed and twin bed ______; no. of persons_____

        Arrival date:  _________ (room reservations are canceled at 6 p.m. 
unless guaranteed or                                                 held by 
advance deposit; in this case, please give us your  American Express, VISA, 
MasterCard or Discover number and expiration date (___________________)
Departure date:_________ (1:00 p.m. check out hour)

Please complete this form and a check for $120.00 (Payable to Purdue 
University) to:

Ms. Nancy Burget
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Agriculture Research Building
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN  47907

Chi-Kuang Wen
Botany & Plant Pathology
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

fax(work): (317)494-5896

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