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Joe Potter wrote:
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> > In the same time sex is an ensurement of smilarity. A recessive mutant
> > can be hidden by the normal alleles. Thus sex provides both similarity
> > and a library of variation if an organism needa it.
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>         And more to the point, why sex (mixing your genes 50/50) if the whole
> point of evolution revolves around a struggle to leave as many copies of
> you genes as possible. Heck, you do not leave even one!!!
>         Regards, Joe

I think the sex genes are incredible successfull, leaving a copy to every 
 off-spring. Though sex isn't always mixing genes 50/50 and some 
organisms could reproduce both sexual and asexual, some even have more 
than two sexes.

I think there is actual a struggle between the process of leaving as much 
copies of the own gene and the process of making a functional organism 
together with the other genes of the organism. I think Dawkin has 
described that in "The selfish gene". I suggest you read it and judged it 
out off what he says there.

Best regards


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