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Fri Apr 11 09:15:16 EST 1997

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Joe Potter <joe.potter at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>	And more to the point, why sex (mixing your genes 50/50) if the whole
>point of evolution revolves around a struggle to leave as many copies of
>you genes as possible. Heck, you do not leave even one!!!

Who said there's a point to evolution?

You seem to be asking how sex can provide for one leaving more copies of 
one's genes (actually, a disproportionate amount of one's genes) than 
clonal reproduction.  Passing on many copies of one's genes does not 
guarantee that one will disproportionately influence future gene pools.  
The carriers of one's genes must also be disproportionately successful 
offspring producers.  Again, I any decent college-level evolution text 
explains why sexual reproduction is expected to be favored in certain 

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