Calveria Tree disproves Evolution

CWilson379 cwilson379 at aol.com
Fri Apr 11 12:32:05 EST 1997

Is anyone else in this newsgroup interested in abandoning this inane
ping-pong match in favor of an intelligent analysis of the supposed
contradictions between scientific models of evolution and biblical
explanations of creation?

I see no contradictions, other than those created by the bickering of
underdeveloped minds.  I consider myself a Christian and an avid lay
researcher in many scientific fields.  Knowledge of scientific models, and
improvements thereon abetted by more recent discoveries, adds to my
understanding of and faith in my spiritual beliefs.  Study of scripture
and related materials helps me to appreciate the divine aspect of
knowledge.  Anyone else interested in taking up the possibility of
peaceful (not to mention necessary) co-existence between religion and
science, please e-mail me.

P. S.  I do not think of myself as a "fundie" and I do not accept the
validity of criticism or ostracism from believers of any persuasion who
claim the credential of ignorance in derogation of honest inquiry.

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