model organisms

Peter Ashton pda100 at york.ac.uk
Tue Apr 15 11:17:26 EST 1997

French A. Lewis wrote:
> Does any one know of any invertebrate organisms that are less primitive
> than C. elegans, and more primitive than Drosophila that are currently
> being studied for neurobiology?
> We are attempting to clone a C. elegans homologue of a human gene, and are
> looking for an intermediate organism to jump to.   Any information would
> be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> French Lewis
> CSI/IBR Center for Developmental Neuroscience

Isn't Schistosoma mansoni a model organism as well? It might be just
what you need :-)

There is quite a lot about the neurobiology of S. mansoni, but I don't
have any references to hand...but Rollinson and Simpson, The biology of
Schistosomes might be a good place to start....


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