Cytochrome P450/bacteriorhodopsin

Rohan H. Wickramasinghe rohan at ites.ac.lk
Wed Apr 16 12:51:02 EST 1997


Some time ago we published some papers relating to 1) Cytochrome
P450 proteins and their activities and 2) bacteriorhodopsin. We
would be very grateful for any information as to whether any of
this work has been followed up and for relevant references (esp.
in conference proceedings, books etc.) We would be particularly
interested to learn whether any other enzymatic activities have
evolved which may be sensitive to small changes in the dielectric

The publications concerned were:

1) R.H.Wickramasinghe, " Regulation of corticosteroid hydroxylations:
   the intramitochondrial dielectric constant and proteolipids of
   adrenodoxin and cytochrome P450 ", CYTOBIOS (Cambridge, England)

2) R.H.Wickramasinghe, " The regulation of corticosteroid
   hydroxylations. 1. An effect of inorganic ions in regulating iron-
   sulphur protein-dependent electron transport " , JOURNAL OF
   BIOENERGETICS  5(1973)151-161,

3) R.H.Wickramasinghe and C.A.Villee, " Early role during chemical
   evolution for cytochrome P450 in oxygen detoxification ", NATURE

4) R.H.Wickramasinghe and C.A.Villee, " Possible origin of cytochrome
   P450 in the Early Precambrian " , Abstracts, Second College Park
   Colloquium on Chemical Evolution, University of Maryland, 29 October
   - 1 November 1975, p.41,

5) R.H.Wickramasinghe and C.A.Villee, " Possible similar role of
   cytochrome P450 in primordial evolution of species and in chemical

6) R.H.Wickramasinghe, " Model role for bacteriorhodopsin for solar
   energy utilization by primordial organisms ", CYTOBIOS (Cambridge,
   England) 17(1976)31-33.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and in advance
for any help you can give.


Rohan H. Wickramasinghe
(e-mail: rohan at ites.ac.lk)

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