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If you do not like reading ads, stop now.

But if you're interested in making realistic 3-dimensional 
space-filling molecular models, read on!

If you've ever wondered what caffeine looks like, or 
the difference between "simple" and "complex" carbohydrates, 
or why diamond is so hard, or why water expands when it 
freezes, or a host of other mysteries that are hidden from 
our eyes, then this kit is something you'll be interested in!

The product is called "Atom World," and you can check out 
some of the models that can be made at


Atom World models show the most important concepts 
about chemical bonding:
        * electron pair-sharing of covalent bonds (no
              other model does this, but it's one of 
              the most essential concepts of chemistry)
        * charge attractions of polar bonds (also called
              "hydrogen bonds")
        * bond rotation (also called "allosterism," 
              meaning "other shape")
	* space-filling quality of atoms due to their 
	      swarming "electron clouds" (or "orbitals");
	      almost no other kits show this feature

Not only are these kits educational and beautiful, but 
they will make chemistry come alive like never before.  
You will be suprised at how easy some of the "book" 
concepts are to understand when you can see and feel the 
models in your hands.  Not even the best pictures can 
compare to the muscle memory you will get by making a 
model and twirling it around in your hands.

To learn more (and see some pictures of what Atom World 
models can make), come and visit our web site.
See you there!

Andrew Tempelman
President, Plastomics
24 Maple St.
Milford, NH 03055
(603) 654-ATOM
aretee at jlc.net

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