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Richard M Kliman <rkliman at runet.edu> wrote in article
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> In article <01bc459e$082011c0$b64792cf at mycomputer>,
> Joe Potter <joe.potter at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> >	I took the words of Mr. Moran to be on the original topic that started
> >of this --- that Dr. Eldgrede has pointed out in his 1995 book that sex
> >a paradox from the "ultra-Darwinist" point of view. Your words seems to
> >support that.
> >
> >	What is your position on Eldredge's claim that sex represents a problem
> >for those like Dawkins who see game as simply the contest to leave as
> >copies of one's own genes?
> I realize this is addressed to Joe, but may I butt in?  Is it *really* 
> Dawkins' view that the "game" is to leave as many copies of ones genes?  
> I find it difficult to believe that Dawkins, of all people, would resort 
> to such a goal-oriented model of evolution.  Except in rare cases, the 
> future of a gene depends on it's carrier - i.e., on the ability of 
> individuals carrying it to survive and reproduce relative to those not 
> carrying it.  I don't think Dawkins would say otherwise (though I 
> obviously don't speak for Dawkins), and it seems to me that you are 
> presenting a strawman argument.
> And I still don't understand the fixation on Eldredge's opinions.  Do you

> want to discuss evolution of sex or a particular individual's views on 
> what he perceives to be someone else's model of gene evolution?

	The only "fixation" on Eldredge's opinions is that some time ago I pointed
out his view, as best I could, that stated sex was a paradox from the
"ultra-Darwinist" viewpoint.

	Do I misstate his views??? Maybe, I don't claim to be an expert --- only
to have read his book.

	Regards, Joe 

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