Genetic Research in Thoroughbred Horses

David MacHugh dmachugh at mail.tcd.ie
Tue Apr 22 04:17:33 EST 1997

Genetic Research in Thoroughbred Horses

A research programme on the genetics of thoroughbred horses, with industry
and Forbairt (Irish government research agency), is being undertaken at
the Department of Genetics, Trinity College.

The objective of this project is to analyse population structure and
genetic relationships among individuals.  Both molecular (particularly
microsatellites) and statistical methodology will be involved.

Applications are invited from appropriately qualified graduates for
contract positions on this programme.  Candidates should ideally have
experience in both molecular genetics and statistics/computing/database
work.  However, candidates with exceptional strength in one or other
discipline are also encouraged to apply.

Registration for a higher degree is a possibility.

Applications should be sent before 31 May 1997 to:

Professor E.P. Cunningham,
Department of Genetics,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2.

Telephone: (353)-1-608-1064
Fax:       (353)-1-679-8558
E-mail: epcnnghm at mail.tcd.ie

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