A possible definition of life.

Rob Miller rmiller at house.med.und.ac.za
Wed Apr 23 05:20:25 EST 1997

James Foster wrote:
> Enter this on your unix workstation: mv 'which mv' new.copy.mv
> That will replicate your copy command.  

erm, I think this just moved the mv command into the current 
dir, and only succeeded if we were root (god in our unix workstation
universe)  (sub-thread: do unix commands worship root ?)

Or on DOS "copy copy.com
> new.copy.com".  Your last question begs the quesion...how does another
> "copy of itself" arise if not by replication?

as in my other response on this, perhaps we must specify that the 
`self-coding' be sufficient for self-replication (perhaps requiring
an additional copy to begin with), not involving the input of
other entities giving the *instruction* to begin replication.


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