A possible definition of life.

Kirk Elder gt6873d at prism.gatech.edu
Wed Apr 23 13:40:54 EST 1997

In reference to all of the articles on this subject.
Defing terms is neccessary for communication.
In physics matter is defined, just not stated because we all know what were
taking about.  When we approach more confusing things that need the
distinction drawn (ie.  Energy vs. matter) we state the definition.

To further the conversation.... about what life is....and I am a baby in
THIS subject....

I read once, while researching the possiblity to have lif on my computer,
life needs to be free from all constraints that REQUIRE an external entity,
that not only assigns its growth (mentally, physically, abstractly) but
interprets its actions.

This throws a serious wrench into the subject.  I think this takes the
photocopier out of the picture, and the thermostat.  

Life does what it chooses to, when it chooses to, and how it chooses to do

Can anybody think of a living creature, (agreed upon beforehand) that
doesn't obey this rule. 

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