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>> Less so than before. But I've completely forgotten what we were discussing.
>> If I recall correctly you mentioned that no one except Benzer had done a
>> detailed analysis of mutations in a gene. I suggested that Miller's work
>> on lacI might count. Is that the right topic?

>That's an rather funny memory you have there.  I actually laughed out loud
>when I read that.
>No, I was talking about the exchange in which you took on a very pedantic
>tone ("isn't science cool") while completely mis-attributing the work of
>Sydney Brenner to Seymour Benzer.  

I apologize to the readers of bionet.molbio.evolution for this intrusion.
The original discussion that Anthony Pelletier refers to took place in
sci.bio.evolution ("Testability of Natural Selection").

I will be responding in sci.bio.evolution. (In case anyone here is interested
Pelletier is correct - I did refer to work by Benzer and Crick when I should
have said Brenner and Crick.) 

Larry Moran

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